August 2023
Diverse Powered Brands “Brand Story” Banner Carousel Display

Use this premier space on your brand page to visually represent your brand with images and content that will ignite your brand story. Be sure to choose visually compelling images that represent your brand’s look and feel. You will have space to include primary and secondary logos, other brand images like bottle shots or headshots, important text, seasonal messaging, video, etc.

See instructional guide to get started!

NEW Intake Questions as requested by our beta buyers and suppliers

A. What are your top 3 markets in sales?

  • Requested by Chad Sokol, Vice President, Wine/Spirits, Costco Wholesale
  • Buyers want to know where you are already having success
  • This is found in your Brand Information page in your Account Dashboard

B. Seeking distribution in these states:

  • If you are looking to expand distribution in specific states and looking for a wholesale partner this is where you can let them know. This will be great information for our wholesale subscribers to see when we onboard them
  • This is found in your Brand Information page in your Account Dashboard

C. Suggested Retail Price Range

  • This will help buyers narrow down what they are looking for based on the price of your products.
  • This is found in your Brand Information page in your Account Dashboard

D. Wholesale URL links

  • Please revisit your U.S. Wholesaler entries that you added by state. Click Edit next to each wholesaler you have identified. You will see you have the ability to add a URL for each wholesaler. If you have a brand-specific page in the wholesaler’s e-commerce platform please type in that brand page URL in. If left blank, we will fill in the wholesaler homepage URL for you.
  • This is found in your Brand Information page in your Account Dashboard

E. Incubator Program/Venture Capital Company: Is your company part of an incubator program and/or received venture capital and ready to scale? If so, please provide incubator name and/or VC company name.

  • If you are involved in an incubator program and/or receive Venture Capital support, please share here.
  • This is found in your Company Information page in your Account Dashboard
June 2023
Diverse Powered Brands Pitch Day with Target Wine Buyers June 28, Minneapolis, MN

Target wine buyers explored, discovered, researched, and selected 13 diverse suppliers from the Diverse Powered Brands Marketplace.

Only subscribers in the marketplace were considered for this special event. Diverse Powered Brands extended invitations to the selected suppliers to join us on June 28th at Target’s headquarters in Minneapolis for the first ever Diverse Powered Brands Pitch Day, hosted by Founder & CEO, Deborah Brenner.

Read more here and check out photos here!

April 2023
Diverse Powered Brands Launches at WSWA Access Live!

The Premiere Centralized B2B Marketplace Creates Global Access to Diverse Suppliers

Read the press release here.

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